Nikkei Chicago / 日系シカゴ

Documenting the untold stories of Nikkei (Japanese American) Chicago シカゴにおける日系人に関する記事のサイト

Links / リンク

University Student Groups
Martial Arts
Asian American Organizations
Asian American Studies Programs
East Asian Studies Programs


Consulate General of Japan at Chicago (在シカゴ日本国総領事館) (Japanese/日本語) (English)

Consulate General of Japan at Chicago – Japan Information Center

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) – Chicago

Chicago Sister Cities – Osaka


Chicago Shimpo (シカゴ新報)

Japanese American Service Committee Newsletter

The JACLer (JACL Newsletter)

Q Magazine (Qマガジン) (Japanese/日本語)

Weekly J-Angle (ジャングル) (Japanese/日本語)

Prairie Magazine (プレーリー) (Japanese/日本語)

Pavilion (パビリオン) (Japanese/日本語)

US Shimbun – Chicago Information Website (Japanese/日本語)


Yellow Pages Japan – Chicago

Sumutoko (住むトコ) (Japanese/日本語)

Odekake US – Chicago (おでかけ) (Japanese/日本語)

Chicago Life (シカゴ・ライフ情報) (Japanese/日本語)

Living in Chicago (Japanese/日本語)


Chicago Nikkei Forum

Japanese American Service Committee

Japanese American Service Committee Junior Board

JASC – Connect

Chicago Japanese Club (シカゴ日本人会) (Japanese/日本語)

Japanese American Citizens League – Chicago Chapter

Japanese American Citizens League – Midwest District Council

Chicago Japanese American Historical Society

Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai

Japan America Society of Chicago

Midwest U.S. Japan Association

JET Alumni Association of Chicago

Heiwa Terrace

Chicago Nisei Post No. 1183

Japanese Mutual Aid Society of Chicago

New Horizons

Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago (シカゴ日本商工会議所) (Japanese/日本語) (English)

New Chicago Japanese American Association

Chicago Japanese American Council

Shikaroku (シカロク) – Japanese Social Networking Service (Japanese/日本語)

Carlock Book Café – Japanese Book Library and Café (Japanese/日本語)

University Student Groups:

Japanese Student Association – The University of Chicago

University of Chicago Booth School of Business Japan Club

Northwestern Japan Club – Northwestern University

Northwestern University – Kellogg Club of Japan (ケロッグ・クラブ・オブ・ジャパン) (Japanese/日本語)

Japanese Researchers Crossing in Chicago (シカゴ周辺の日本人研究者による研究交流会・情報サイト) (Japanese/日本語)


Midwest Buddhist Temple (Jodo Shinshu – Nishi Hongwanji)

Buddhist Temple of Chicago (Jodo Shinshu – Higashi Hongwanji)

Chicago Jodo Shu Temple (Japanese/日本語) (English)

Daiyuzenji Rinzai Zen Temple

Nichiren Buddhist Temple of Chicago (Nichiren-shu)

Myogyoji Temple (Nichiren Shoshu)

Soka Gakkai International – USA Central Zone (Nichiren sect/SGI)

Buddhist Council of the Midwest

Tenrikyo Midwest Church

Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church

Christ Church of Chicago (Protestant)

Church of Christ Presbyterian

North Shore Baptist Church

Devon Church

Lakeside Church of Chicago

Chicago Japanese Mission Church (Southern Baptist) (Japanese/日本語)

The Orchard Evangelical Free Church


Lakeview Funeral Home

Montrose Cemetery & Crematorium

Martial Arts:

Ravenswood Karate Club (Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu Karate)

Uza Yujiro Sensei (Beikoku Shido-kan / Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate; Arlington Heights, IL)

Hu Shin Kai Martial Arts (Shotokan Karate)

Shidokan Karate

Matsumoto Shidokan Karate (Arlington Heights, IL)

Miura Karate Dojo (Kyokushin; Oak Park, IL)

Chicago Aikido Club

Midwest Aikido Center

Kiku Matsu Dojo (Aikido)

Aikido Association of America

Chicago Kendo Dojo:

Choyokan Kendo Dojo

Tohkon Judo Academy

Chicago Tenri Judo Dojo

Kimura Judo Club

Kokushikan Judo Academy

Buddhist Temple of Chicago – Iaido

Fuko Iba (Kyudo)


Full Spectrum Features – The Orange Story

Tsukasa Taiko

Hoetsu Taiko

Midwest Buddhist Temple Taiko Group

Kokyo Taiko

Chicago Okinawa Performing Group

Fujima Ryu of Chicago (Japanese Classical Dance)

Midwest Buddhist Temple Minyo Group

Toyoaki Shamisen

Chicago Koto Group

Ohara School of Ikebana – Chicago Chapter

Ikebana International – Chicago Chapter #27

Chado Urasenke Tankokai Chicago Association

Halau i Ka Pono (Hula)

On the Na Kapuna Ukulele Club

Awa Odori Chicago

Laura Kina, Artist

Tatsu Aoki, Musician

Yoko Noge, Musician

Shun Kikuta, Musician

Tetsuo Matsuda, Violin Maker



Kazenoko Club (風の子クラブ) (Japanese/日本語)

Chicago Futabakai Japanese School (シカゴ双葉会日本語学校日校 / シカゴ日本人学校) (Japanese/日本語)

Chicago Futabakai Japanese School – Saturday School (シカゴ双葉会日本語学校補習校) (Japanese/日本語)

Chicago Sumire Yochien (シカゴすみれ幼稚園) (Japanese/日本語)

Chicago Waiwai Yochien (シカゴわいわい幼稚園) (Japanese/日本語)

Montessori Language Academy (Forest Park, IL) (Pre-K-Kindergarten)

Intercultural Montesssori Language School

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Japanese Preschool (聖マタイルーテル日本語幼稚園) (Niles, IL) (Japanese/日本語) (English)

Banner Preschool – Japanese Class (Wilmette, IL)

Jonathon Burr Elementary School

Andrew Jackson Language Academy – Chicago Public School Magnet

Murray Language Academy – Chicago Public School Magnet

Thomas Dooley Elementary School (Schaumburg, IL)

Jane Addams Junior High School (Schaumburg, IL)

Elk Grove High School (Elk Grove Village, IL)

Glenbrook South High School (Glenview, IL)


Jackson Park’s The Garden of the Phoenix

Elizabeth Hubert Malott Japanese Garden @ The Chicago Botanic Garden

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Rosecrance Healing Garden

Asian American Organizations:

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago

Asian American Coalition of Chicago

Asian American Journalists Association – Chicago

National Association of Asian American Professionals – Chicago

Asian Improv Arts Midwest

Stir-Friday Night

Silk Road Rising

Asian American Studies Programs:

University of Illinois, Chicago – Asian American Studies Program

University of Illinois, Chicago – Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

Northwestern University – Asian American Studies Program

DePaul University – Global Asian Studies Program

East Asian Studies Programs:

University of Chicago – Center for East Asian Studies

University of Chicago – History Department – East Asian Studies

University of Chicago – East Asian Languages and Cultures Department

University of Illinois, Chicago – Asian Studies

Northwestern University – Asian and Middle East Studies Program

DePaul University – Global Asian Studies Program

Loyola University – Asian Studies

Northeastern Illinois University – Asian and Global Resource Center

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